Signing up to Quizalize is quick and easy, in a few short and easy steps you will be on your way to getting a detailed account letting you know how your students are progressing!

Follow this tutorial to show you how to get started!

1. Select "I am a Teacher"

2. Enter your details, then click on "Create Account"

Make sure you enter your school email address to get personalised content recommended to you that are relevant to your curriculum.

3. Select a role that best describes your job title

4. Enter and Search for your School

If your school is in our system it will be suggested. if your school is not in our system please enter the full school name (e.g. “St Nicholas School, Guildford”). Make sure that all other teachers in your school use exactly the same name.

5. Enter your Class details to create your first class!

Choose how your students will access their activities:

  • Google Classroom account
  • Office365 account
  • Email and Password
  • Enter via Class Code only

Choose how students will access their activities/assessments, please note that this option is irreversible.

6. Click on "Assign a new activity"

7.  Now you are ready to search through thousands of pre-made quizzes or create your own!

For more information on how to create a quiz check out this blog!

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