One of the greatest things about Quizalize is its capacity to assign students both classroom quizzes and homework tasks simultaneously for students to undertake at a time you specify.

Activities set as homework can be undertaken by students at home, including class quizzes and individual tasks.

In your Quizalize profile select the quiz you want to assign your students and click the "Play and Share" option. Give the activity to the class and set up the game settings as you prefer (click to learn more about the game settings).

Choose the class, select the "Homework" option then select the date you want to students to complete the quiz and duration it will be accessible from the drop-down list. Remember to save your preferences.

Note: Don't type in the current date and time unless you want to instantly assign the activity.

After your students have finished the quiz, you will get their results will be visible in your Zzish account immediately.

Discover how to access your students' results using the Zzish Dashboards.

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