Once you have created a quiz or found one in the Marketplace you can assign it to your class within four simple steps.

1. Once you have created a quiz or searched and found the quiz you want to use, click on 'Give to class'.

2. Next you can modify the game settings to meet you needs and click 'Continue' to assign it to your class.

3. Continue and select the time option for the game. You can either set up the game to go live instantly, or select the date and hour from the drop-down list. 

  • To play in class: Choose a time period
  • Homework: Choose a time period
  • Advanced options: Select how many tries your students are allowed to have
  • Comment Section: Add some notes or instructions for your students.
  • Save and give to another class: Select this if you want to assign the same activity to multiple classes.
  • Finish: Select this if you are happy for the quiz to be sent!

4. Lastly you have the option to assign follow up activities to your students depending on their attainment.

You can assign a variety of follow up activities, such as youtube videos, articles, pdfs or ever another quiz!

This new feature allows you to differentiate your classroom so every student is working at their own pace! 

However you can also skip this step!

During and after the game, don't forget to check your students' results in the Zzish Dashboards

Click to see how to students can access their quizzes

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