Once you have created a quiz or found one in the Marketplace the next step is for your students to play it in class. 

Simply, click on the quiz and 'Give it to my class'.

Next you can modify the game settings to meet you needs and click 'Continue' to assign it to your class.

You will now we directed to Zzish where you can create a class of students or use a class you previously created.

Students add themselves to the class

Students don't need to create accounts to take the quiz. All they have to do is to access student portal zzi.sh and enter their class code. However, you can tick the box if you want students to create personal accounts which require passwords. You can choose between the following login options:

Continue and select the time option for the game. You can either set up the game to go live instantly, or select the date and hour from the drop-down list. 

Also, you can choose the duration of your quiz and the number of attempts your students can have, in the advanced options tab. 

  • Click on the "Finish" button to either launch the game or save the settings and assign the same activity to another class. 

See how to assign homework

  • Launch the activity and choose the type of game.
  • During and after the game, don't forget to check your students' results in the Zzish Dashboards

Click to see how to students can access their quizzes

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