Once you've created your account, you are ready to create your quizzes. 

  • Click on "+ New Quiz", enter the title and the goal, write questions, answer options and select the time duration. 
  • "Save" a quiz for later or click the "Finish" button if you are ready to play with your class.  

You can also create a collection of quizzes to keep your quizzes organized. Select "+ New Collection of Quizzes".  

You can move and delete your questions anytime. You can use images, enable the Math mode and use different question types.

Moreover, you can search for already existing quizzes in our Marketplace and modify them to suit your needs or use them as they are. 

All the quizzes you have created and selected from the marketplace can be found in the “Your Quizzes” tab.

Please note that all the quizzes you create become public in the marketplace, unless you make them private. Also, you can edit, duplicate and delete your quiz any time. 

Before giving the quiz to your class, you can preview it in a live game mode. 

  • Click on "Play and Share" 
  • and then "Preview." 

See how to assign your activity to the class

How Can I Share My Quiz with Other Teachers?

You can share your quiz with your colleagues via social media links or by sending your profile's URL. To get your personal URL, click on "Settings" and edit "Your Personal Quizalize URL" - include your first name or suitable name of your choice then save your changes.

Go back to the main screen of the Quizalize page, and you will now see your new personal URL. Click the link then copy-paste it from your browser. 

Once your colleagues receive the URL, they can access your quiz and add it to their profiles by clicking on the "Free" button.  

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