Once you've created your account, you are ready to create your quizzes. 

  • Click on "+ New Quiz", enter the title and the goal, write questions, answer options and select the time duration. 
  • "Save" a quiz for later or click the "Finish" button if you are ready to play with your class. 

Note: You can edit and delete questions as well as rearrange the order, using the buttons above each question: 'Close'; 'Move question up'; 'Move question down' or 'Delete question'.

Before playing a quiz with your students, you can preview it in a live game mode by simply clicking on the quiz title, and selecting 'Preview'.

You can also search for existing quizzes in our Marketplace (see below), and use them directly or modify the content to meet your unique requirements. Click here to learn more about the Marketplace.

Quizalize Profile
All the quizzes you have created yourself and selected from the marketplace can be found in your Quizalize profile page, named "Your Quizzes".

In your profile page you can:

  • 'Search quizzes' - to locate a subject-specific quiz.
  • View 'Quizzes', 'Collections' or 'Both' - to organize your profile page efficiently.
  • 'View your quiz results on Zzish' - to look at your students' data on Zzish.

For each quiz select:

  • 'Play' - to assign the quiz to a class.
  • 'Edit' - to alter the quiz content.
  • 'Make Private' - to hide your quiz from the Marketplace.
    (Note: all quizzes are shared in the Marketplace unless you select this option).
  • 'Share' - to open the quiz so you can share it on social media.
  • 'Delete' - to remove your quiz from Quizalize.

To learn more about assigning quizzes to your classes, click here.

You can create collections of quizzes in your profile page to effectively organize your quizzes. Select "+ New Collection" in your Quizalize profile, name your collection, edit the relevant fields, add the quizzes and 'Save' (see below).

How Can I Share My Quiz with Other Teachers?

Your quizzes are automatically shared in the Marketplace, but you can also share quizzes directly with your colleagues on social media or by sending the quiz URL.

To share your quiz on social media:

  • Enter your Quizalize profile;
  • Choose a quiz;
  • Click 'More' then 'Share';
  • Select the Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest icon.

To send your colleagues a direct link to your quiz simply copy the URL from the browser, or to give them access to your entire personal profile page:

  • Enter your Quizalize profile;
  • Click 'Hi [your account name]';
  • Open your 'Settings';
  • Copy and paste your personal URL.
    Note: to generate a personal URL you must type an appropriate name into the field highlighted below.

Once your colleagues receive the URL, they can access your quiz and add it to their profiles by clicking on the "Free" button. 

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