Zzish is a powerful tool for analyzing your students' performance and obtaining data in a real-time.

You can find your class results in the Zzish dashboards which can be accessed via your Quizalize profile by clicking on "View your results on Zzish".

You can also access these results from your Zzish profile, during and after the game, by selecting the "Activity List" tab.

Select the class you would like to view and click "Results" tab. 

Zzish Data Dashboards

  • Who needs help summarizes the overall class performance, grouping the class as follows: strong 80 - 100%, almost there 50 - 80% and needs help 0 - 50% (click the image below for more information). Additionally, select a student's name to see their Individual Student Report.

  • What we need help with groups students according to their responses to show exactly which questions your students struggled with. The least successful questions, where most students failed, are presented at the top to highlight the topic(s) students found most difficult. 
  • Spreadsheet displays quiz data from the whole class and indicates which questions have been answered correctly, incorrectly or have not been attempted (for more information click the image below).
  • Subtopics allows you to create tags for your questions which will distinguish questions from each other, and sort student results by subtopic. You can also see which subtopics and questions were hardest for students (click the image below for more details).
  • Improvements dashboard enables teachers to compare two chosen tasks and see their students' progress. This screen enables you to measure the improvement of individual students and your entire class using percentages (for further details, click the image below).

We aim to save teachers time, so we have made task planning and analyzing class results super simple!

You can also export the class results in Excel format and/or download a PDF file. Click to see how here.

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