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We do support more than just multiple answers questions. See the formulas and examples bellow to unlock more benefits of Quizalize.

Multiple Correct Answers

Type multiplem:// within the 'Correct Answer' field, followed by your correct answers, separated by :

Multiple Correct Answers (Weighed)

You can set the score for each question which is double the value you state for each of the 5 possible responses. see the following example. Strongly Agree = , Agree = , Neutral = , Disagree = , Strongly Disagree =  

Example Question: Does Zzish provide the best teacher dashboards on student performance?

Type in the Correct Answer field starting with: multiplem:// following the values as in the example window. 

Multiple Choice with Images

Find the image that you would like to use, right-click on it and copy the image address. Enable the "Use Images" button and upload question image. You can do it by adding image URL as well. 

In the correct answer field, place the image address of the correct image field and do the same for incorrect answers. 

Note: In both the correct and incorrect answer field you will need to use the image address to upload images. Place the address and replace the first bit of URL with #.

For example: the original image address is bbb670b0288a/quiz/3616453f8faadbd0ecd049e523c062cb1f069494.jpg

Remove and put # in the front.

Multiple Choice with Math Mode

Enable the 'Math Mode' on the left and type $x^2$ in the correct and incorrect answer fields to get powers. 

Multiple Choice with Image Question

Simply enable 'Use Images' button on the left to upload the image. 


Scrambled questions help to build vocabulary. Place scrambled:// following the word into correct answer field. 


This feature allows you to put numbers and words in order. Type in jumble:// into correct answer field. 


In order to get True/False questions, place boolean://true in the correct answer field.

Sorting with Text Only

In the example, a sorting question will present two buckets Blue and Green. The student must then click sky and then click the blue bucket. The answer sky will then be placed in the blue bucket.

Type in sorting://blue|sky,sea:green|grass,tree

Linking with Text Only

'Linking' allows a student to click on the tree and then to match it to the color. This forms a link between the answers. 

Type linking://tree|green:fire|red:ocean|blue:snow|white


To get 'put words in order' type of question,
type in ordering://tree|1:fire|2:ocean|3:snow|4


Allows you to ask questions without giving the correct answer choices. Students must type in the correct answer. Use freetext:// following the correct answer. 

Freetext (Multiple Correct Answers)

Allow more than one correct answer to be typed in.  
Use freetextm://mouse:grasshopper:ladybug

Freetext (Multiple Correct Answers, Weighed)

Decide which answer weighs the most and use scores along the formula in the correct answer field: freetextm://whale|100:dinosaur|80:elephant|60:giraffe|40

Freetext with Math Mode (Math Calculator)

Enable the 'Math Mode' button and type in math://$x^2$ to get the powers. See Math Mode to get more information.

Video Questions

Video questions allow you to ask questions using video. You can monitor the duration of video as you prefer. Type in videoq: following the link to your video and time.

Note: to create video question, copy the ending of the link, which is marked in bold: Please see the example:

videoq:JGwWNGJdvx8:4:23:0//who is singing this song?

Audio Questions

Audio questions allow you to ask a question in audio format. Type in audio:// following the link to your file. Make sure it is stored in the public file (e.g. Dropbox public files).

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