Sharing is caring! Since you have spent time creating your quiz why not to share it with other teachers in your school? There are several ways you can do this.

Copy and Paste the URL

The easiest way for you to share a quiz with others is to copy and paste the URL from your browser. You can then send the link to your colleagues via email or personal message, so they can quickly access your quiz from their computer or mobile device.

Personalize Your Profile and Share

You can also send the link to your entire Quizalize profile, so your colleagues can access all your quizzes. To create a personal URL:

  • Go to 'Settings';
  • Enter your name into 'Your personal Quizalize URL';
  • A unique profile link will generate below this field.

Note: don't forget to save your changes!

You can now copy this personal URL from here and send it to your colleagues, so they can add your quizzes into their profiles.

Sharing Quizzes on Social Media

You can also share your quizzes on social media via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Simply:

  • Open a quiz in Quizalize;
  • Choose a social media channel;
  • You quiz will now be automatically shared with your contacts.

You can also share your quiz straight from your profile. Click "More" next to the quiz and then choose "Share"

Be proud of your quiz and encourage other teachers to use it! 

Sharing Quizzes in the Marketplace

Our marketplace consists of over 50,000 ready-made quizzes created by teachers like you. All the quizzes you create will be published here for other teachers to discover and add to their profiles.

You can search for quizzes by title or subject, using the search bar at the top.

Spread the word about your quizzes, share it with other teachers in your school and be part of a worldwide teaching community!

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