Whether you are a Tech Coordinator, IT Instructor or Quizalize and Zzish fan planning a workshop or PD session, you may want to share your experience and knowledge with other teachers.

Use these additional resources to guide your teachers or colleagues and encourage them to join Quizalize and Zzish.  

The Teacher Training Presentation

This presentation has all the information that you need to explain all the main features of Quizalize and Zzish. Use this presentation to show your teachers how to create an account, create quizzes, assign and play activities with the class and most importantly how to analyze class results using the Zzish Dashboards. 

Step-by-Step Getting Started Guide

Print this short guide to help teachers remind teachers how to create and assign quizzes to their classes. 


Training Session's Checklist

This list will help you organize your training session. After the session, mark the topics you covered to check if you discussed and introduced all parts of the product.


Download and distribute these handouts to the teachers in your school. Invite them to join Quizalize and Zzish. 

Featured Quizzes

You can also use these ready-made quizzes to test Quizalize and Zzish with your training participants or students. 

If we missing any important resources, please let us know!

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