It's now easier to pinpoint how each of your students will perform in their upcoming STAAR tests. So you know how best to focus your time and efforts.

We’ve created engaging, interactive student quizzes using past paper questions from STAAR tests (available at They're free to use and help your students to master Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards. 

You can play these quizzes as fun team games in class, or set them as engaging homework. Then track student results and progress using helpful dashboards. 

Using Quizalize for TEKS couldn’t be easier. Here’s how to get started...

1. Find a TEKS-mapped quiz on any skill you’re teaching

Pick your subject and grade then browse through an extensive range of subject-specific quizzes. Explore the TEKS quizzes (opens in a new window)

2. Play the quiz in class, or set it as homework

Enjoy the quiz as a fun team game on your interactive whiteboard – with students answering questions on tablets, computers or smartphones. You don't have to spend hours creating student accounts either – students enter their own full names when they play (both in class and when completing quizzes for homework).

3. Get helpful data and insights

Our helpful dashboards make it easy to differentiate your teaching in the classroom, and track students’ progress towards TEKS mastery over time.

We’ve created three types of TEKS quizzes, each designed with a different teaching situation in mind.

  • Skill Review Quizzes – short quizzes that help you track mastery of individual TEKS skills, ideal for use in lessons.
  • Topic Review Quizzes – medium-length quizzes that test students on all the TEKS skills in a certain standard / topic. Useful for end-of-term reviews.
  • Full STAAR Past Papers – online quiz versions of official past papers to prepare your students for end-of-year exams. Great for more formal assessments.

Measure students' progress towards mastering skills

Skill Review Quizzes help you assess student progress towards mastering individual TEKS skills. Each quiz contains around 3-5 questions, so you can might want to use multiple quizzes throughout a lesson, depending on the skills you plan to cover.

You can gain instant insights into "who needs help" and "what they need help with" while you play, and anytime after. This unique data helps you to immediately personalize your teaching to meet your student's individual needs.

What’s more, each skill quiz is mapped to the TEKS in our Mastery Dashboard so when students play a skill quiz their mastery level is automatically updated on this dashboard. This gives you an overview of students' progress towards mastering the TEKS standards, as well as easily enabling you to benchmark your students against state averages.

You can even launch Skill Review Quizzes for individual skills directly from the Mastery Dashboard.

Review students' understanding at the end of each topic

Topic Review Quizzes are medium-length quizzes that enable you to test students on a set of TEKS skills that make up a whole standard/topic. They’re perfect to use to assess understanding of a topic you’ve just finished covering in a set of lessons.

The subtopics dashboard shows you which individual skills each student is finding difficult, so you can plan interventions more easily. Questions in a Topic Review Quiz address specific TEKS standards and will be grouped on this dashboard, so you can adapt your lesson plans to meet your students’ needs.

Prepare your students for end-of-year tests

Past Papers are online quiz versions of official STAAR past papers. They’re great for assessing and preparing your students for their end-of-year exams. These quizzes are longer than usual – so we suggest they’re used as more formal assessments, rather than played as a team games on the interactive whiteboard.

As with all our quizzes you can use the dashboards to see who needs help, which questions proved the hardest, and any unique subtopics (individual TEKS standards) your students need extra support to achieve.

As exams approach, these quizzes make it easy to provide accurate interventions and focus your revision lessons on specific TEKS.

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