1. Creating a class to use with Google Classroom student accounts

Because it is so easy to set up a new class in Quizalize as part of the process of assigning a quiz and because students join your class automatically without you having to add them, we don’t automatically import your Google Classroom classes. 

However, you do need to select the right option when you create a new class in Quizalize for it to work with Google Classroom student logins! Fortunately, it's very easy:

  1. Go to Quizalize and create your own quiz or choose one from the marketplace
  2. On the quiz overview page, click "Give it to my class" then click "Continue" on the quiz options page
  3. On the class creation page, enter a name for your class AND select the option "Require students to use email and password to access Zzish" and tick the box "Students will use Google or Google Classroom accounts" (see screenshot below)
  4. On the assignment options page, choose whether you want to play the quiz in class or for homework
  5. Finally, share the class code generated for your new class with your students and tell your students to visit the student portal at http://zzi.sh

Here's a screenshot of the class creation page with the options to select:

If you are setting a quiz for homework, a great way to do this final step 5 is, of course, simply to post the link http://zzi.sh along with the class code as a Google assignment to your class. 

2. Assigning a quiz to a class and posting it as a Google Classroom assignment

Once you have a class set up for your students, you can assign new quizzes without creating a new class in step 4.  Indeed, if you have already created one or more classes, you will be given the option to simply select a class from those you have already created in step 4 (you can of course create additional new classes at this stage if you wish).

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