The Quizalize Marketplace is an online database with over 50,000 ready-made quizzes created by Quizalize teachers just like you. Quizzes range from Maths and Social Studies, to teaching languages and end of term reviews.
Once you are a Quizalize and Zzish user you can easily access our marketplace using the tab in the navigation bar and then search for any quiz relevant to your lesson plan in the search bar.

Our teachers are based around the world, so the quizzes have been written in different languages including Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and Arabic. To search for quizzes written in a specific language use the new drop down menu on the right.

The quizzes you create are automatically shared in the Marketplace, however you can make specific quizzes private by:

  • Entering 'Your quizzes';
  • Selecting 'More' on a quiz;
  • Clicking 'Make Private' or 'Make Public'.

How Can I Play A Quiz From the Marketplace?

Simply click on a quiz then:

  • Preview - to test the quiz yourself.
  • 'Give it to my class' - to assign it to your class.
  • 'Edit' - to modify your quiz content, remove, rephrase or add questions.

How Can I Add a Quiz to My Quizalize Profile? 

If you find a quiz that you like and you want to add it to your profile for future use then perform the following steps:

  • Click the 'Free' button next to the quiz;
  • Select 'Give it to my class';
  • Assign it to your class in Zzish;
  • Then return to Quizalize and click 'Your quizzes' tab.

Now you should be able to see the quiz in your Quizalize profile.

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