When you assign a quiz you can change a number of the default settings.  You can change from a formative to a more summative experience, for example, by randomising question order and removing the ability for students to know whether they got the answer right or wrong.  Some teachers like to remove the timer on questions too.

You can also assign your quiz in "Mastery Mode", in which case students keep answering questions until they have answered every question correctly at least once (if they get a question wrong it is added to the end of the quiz and asked again).

'Use Sounds' - if set to yes the students will hear sounds on their device when playing the quiz.

'Randomise question order' - this will alter the order of the questions given to each student.

'Number of questions' - you can choose how many questions the students answer from your quiz. Quizalize will then randomly choose that number of questions from your quiz for all the students to answer. 

'Use the timer' - selecting 'no' will hide the timer from your students during the quiz activity.

'Show question feedback' - this allows students to obtain feedback about their answer after each question during the quiz, including time taken to complete the quiz and if they got it right or wrong.

'Show correct answer' - this shows students the correct answer when they get it wrong.

'Show your work' - this allows students to capture work with a webcam or tablet/smartphone (for example it can capture how students worked out a Mathematics question). You will then be able to see this in the Zzish student report.

'Mastery mode' - our new smart algorithm repeats questions to help strengthen learning for each individual student. Give it a try!

Note: If you want to change these settings for the assigned activity, you will need to go back to your Quizalize profile and assign the same quiz again. 

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