The ‘Improvements’ dashboard allows teachers to assess students’ progress in two chosen activities. This screen enables you to measure improvements made by the whole class and individuals.

To access this dashboard simply:

  • Select a class from your Zzish profile page;
  • Open the results from a specific quiz by clicking ‘Results’;
  • Enter the ‘Improvements’ dashboard;
  • Select a quiz to compare from the drop-down menu in the purple box on the left (the quiz you initially chose will appear in a white box on the right);
  • Your students’ results will now appear below (students with the lowest scores are displayed at the top).

Zzish highlights the overall class improvement at the top followed by student’s individual results. 

The column on the left indicates if students have completed the quiz and the column on the right displays the exact percentage increase or decrease across both results. 

Students are organized based on the percentage difference, and those who have improved the most are displayed further to the right.

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