Quizalize is powered by our Zzish teacher dashboards which allow teachers to track student data both instantaneously and over-time. One of the most powerful features of the Zzish teacher dashboards is our extensive Mastery Dashboards. Zzish Mastery Dashboards give you an up-to-date view of student mastery across each individual learning objective or skills in your curriculum, standard or syllabus.  

You can use the Mastery Dashboards to:

  1. Quickly find and create standard-aligned quizzes and then assign them to your class.
  2. Record students progress against curriculum/standards-based learning objectives.
  3. Instantly identify students needing extra help and easily retest them with an appropriate quiz to ensure they successfully master that specific objective.

Note: you can explore an example Mastery Dashboard by visiting www.zzish.com/demo

What is the difference between the Gradebook view and Mastery Dashboard?

The Zzish Gradebook and Mastery Dashboards give you two alternative ways to look at your class progress.  They use the same underlying data from activities you have assigned to your class, however, unlike the simple historical record of progress in the Gradebook view, the Mastery Dashboards are an up-to-date perspective of each student’s current mastery of learning objectives.

Key benefits of Mastery Dashboards compared to the Gradebook view:

  • In Gradebook view, results from repeated quizzes appear in multiple columns. In the Mastery Dashboard, results are organized in relation to the specific learning objectives they cover and show an overall mastery score from all assignments relating to that objective. (Note: you must initially tag the quiz to a learning objective when creating it in Quizalize). You can then access individual scores, from separate quizzes, relation to that learning objective by clicking on the mastery score.
  • In Gradebook view, the results from a quiz covering multiple learning objectives are presented in a single column. In the Mastery Dashboard the quiz results will appear in multiple columns according to the learning objectives covered, which will clearly highlight specific objectives individual students have mastered and which ones they are struggling with. The Mastery Dashboards enable you to personalise your teaching to meet your students unique learning needs, as well as differentiate your lesson plans more effectively.

Accessing the Mastery Dashboards 

You can quickly access your Mastery Dashboards in three easy steps:

  1. Select a class in Zzish to view the dashboards for that class
  2. Select “Mastery” from the top drop down menu
  3. Select a specific curriculum/standard and topic

1. Select a class in Zzish to view the dashboards for that class

You can access existing classes in Zzish by logging into Zzish directly at www.zzish.com and selecting your class in the drop down menu or you can log into Quizalize and click on "Your Classes in Zzish" in the top right corner.

If you have not created a class in Quizalize or Zzish already don’t worry, it’s super easy! There are two simple ways to create your first class in Zzish: 

  • Once you have created your own quiz in Quizalize or selected a pre-made one from the Marketplace select "Give to class", which will connect you to Zzish where you can add a new class.
  • Alternatively, log into Zzish directly at www.zzish.com then click “Add new class” button. It couldn’t be easier!

To find out more about creating classes click here.

2. Select “Mastery” from the drop down menu

To see the Mastery dashboards for a class, click on Activity List at the top of the class view screen and select Mastery (beta).

3. Select a specific curriculum/standard and topic.

Choose from the existing options and select a year group.  

Note: if your curriculum, standard or syllabus is not listed, then do get in touch through live chat and we’d be delighted to help you set it up!

You will then see the topics currently available for that curriculum/standard. Select a topic and you will be presented with the section of the Mastery Dashboard for that particular curriculum topic.

Assigning Standard Aligned Quizzes

If you have not assigned any quizzes to your classes which are tagged to a learning objective then the dashboards will be empty.  However, by clicking the "Quiz" button at the top of each column you can see all the quizzes that have been tagged to a specific learning objective in your curriculum/standard (see above).

Depending on the quiz content you and other teachers have created there may be multiple quizzes tagged to a learning objective (see above).

If there are no quizzes available or the existing ones are not appropriate, then you can quickly create your own quiz from scratch or duplicate an existing quiz and edit it to meet your needs.

To create a new quiz from scratch, click “Create your own Quiz on Quizalize with this topic” which will take you to the Quizalize quiz creation UI. Quizzes created this way are automatically tagged to the learning objective and will then appear in the list of quizzes tagged to that learning objective, for you and other teachers to use. 

Note: it can take a week or more for us to review and show new quizzes here. In the meantime, you can share your curriculum/standards tagged quizzes with other teachers by sharing the browser link to the specific quiz or your public profile.

Understanding data in the Mastery Dashboards

In the dashboard cells you can see each student's current level of mastery for each learning objective.  The cells show the current percentage achieved and are colour coded to show students who are excelling and those who are struggling.  The cells are coloured as follows:

  • Grey: 80% or more – “Mastered”
  • Orange: 50% or more, but less than 80% - “Almost there”
  • Red: less than 50% - “Needs help”

The row and column headers show bars that summarise overall mastery and save you time identifying students who need help.

The column headers include a bar showing the proportion of students who have achieved each level of mastery. This allows you to quickly scan the headers to see which learning objectives your students need help with.

The row headers include a bar showing the proportion of learning objectives that each student has achieved at each level of mastery. This allows you to quickly scan the headers to see which students need the most help. 

Note: The rows are automatically ordered with the students that need the most help at the top, so that you can immediately identify the students requiring additional support. You can change this to “Alphabetically” and “Strongest first” using the drop-down menu.

When you identify students who have not mastered a particular learning objective or skill, you can reassign a quiz to your class by clicking the “Test” button at the top of the column.  The cells in the Mastery Dashboard will automatically update to show students’ level of mastery once they have retaken the quiz.  

Tip: If you assign the same quiz twice you can also look at each student’s improvement in the improvement dashboard

Can we support your curriculum, standard or syllabus? 

We have currently set up mastery dashboards which support the US Common Core Math Standards, UK National Mathematics Curriculum, Singapore Mathematics Syllabus and the Texas State Science Standards

We will shortly be launching a new feature which allows anyone to set up their own curriculum in Zzish. In the meantime, please please contact us through live chat if you would like us to set up a new curriculum for you.

Note: The Mastery Dashboards are currently in beta version.

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