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Once you've set up your classes, click on the class you want to create a quiz for.

You will be taken to the dashboard. Click on 'Assign new activity'.

The marketplace will pop up, showing you the thousands of quizzes teachers like you have already created and shared.

Click on 'Create new Quiz'.

You will be taken to the Quiz Creator, where you will have to enter your Quiz title. You will also have the ability to align your quiz to a standard or topic and then tag each question to a curriculum skill. 

Click on 'Add a new question' to add your first question.

Type in your question, the correct answer, and the corresponding incorrect options.

Optional question features

Answer explanation: Insert an explanation for or elaboration on the answer. Students will view this after they have completed the question.

Subtopic/Skill: The topic or skill the question tests. After the quiz, you will be able to see your students' level of proficiency the different subtopics you've tagged. For even better data insights, click 'Align quiz to standard or topic' to match your quiz and its questions to the specific curriculum your school uses!

If your quiz is aligned to a curriculum, a drop-down of curriculum skills will provide options to select for the question.

If your quiz is not aligned to a curriculum, you can enter custom subtopics instead.

Duration: The length of time students have to answer the question. The default setting is 30 seconds, but you can change this to anywhere from 5 to 120 seconds. 

Math Mode: Use LaTex to format your equations. Learn more here.

Use Image: Upload an image to accompany your question. The maximum file size is 5 MB.

Use Audio: Upload an audio file to accompany your question. The maximum file size is 5 MB.

Once you're done with your first question, click on 'Add a new question' to create as many questions as you'd like.

You can rearrange the question order by clicking 'move question up' or move question down'.

When you've completed your Quiz, click 'save and give to class' to assign it to your class now, or 'save to my resources' to give it to your class at a later date. 

You can also upload your quizzes from a spreadsheet, or import existing ones from Quizlet.

And that's it! You're now ready to use Quizalize in class. Check out this short video tutorial on creating quizzes and tagging questions to curriculum standards.

Any questions? Click the chat button below and we'd be happy to help! 

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