In the process of assigning a quiz to your class, you can customize various activity settings to help make the learning experience one that best suits your students' needs!

'Mastery mode' - To strengthen learning for students, Mastery mode gets students to keep answering questions until they get all of them correct (i.e. if a question is answered wrongly, it will be added to the end of the quiz and asked again until the student gets it right).

'Use music and sounds' - Make the quiz a more immersive experience with accompanying music and sounds.

'Show timer for each question' - You can choose to turn the timer for each question off or on.

'Number of attempts' - Select the number of tries students get to attempt the quiz.

Advanced options

Clicking on 'Advanced options' will bring up even more customization settings:

'Randomize question order' - Inject some unpredictability and prevent student copying by mixing up the order of questions in your quiz.

'Show feedback and answer explanation' - Feedback refers to whether or not their answer is right, the time taken to answer the question and the points they have collected. 

'Show your work' - To test that students genuinely understand a topic and are not simply guessing their answers, this feature asks that students upload a picture of their rough work that you will be able to check.

'Add comment to the activity' - Include specific reminders, instructions or notes for your students.

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