Quizalize is powered by our Zzish teacher dashboards which allow teachers to track student data both instantaneously and over time. One of the most powerful tools available to teachers is our extensive Mastery Dashboards. These give you an up-to-date view of student mastery across learning objectives, topics, and skills within your curriculum.

Note: More features and improvements are on the way! Including:

  • Individual student reports
  • Recommendations
  • Improvements trends
  • Enhanced filtering
  • Improved readability

Populating your Mastery Dashboards

The dashboards are only populated by CURRICULUM SKILLS TAGGED QUESTIONS. If you do not know how to access or create tagged quizzes, check out this article.

Accessing your Mastery Dashboards

Each class you create has an associated Mastery Dashboard in addition to a gradebook and an activity list.

You can access these dashboards from inside any of your classes. When you enter the Mastery Dashboard for the first time, you will be prompted to choose your course curriculum for that class (e.g. Common Core, Math, Grade 3). If your class uses multiple curricula, you will be able to add more within the dashboard.

Navigating your Mastery Dashboards

Once you select your course curriculum you will be brought to your course overview screen. 

Here you can sort through high level progress and performance metrics for each of your courses, edit your existing courses, add another course, and navigate to the dashboards of other classes.

Important Definitions

PROGRESS is indicated by the Progress Indicator Bars which visually express relative proportions of progress and performance

Green = Mastered
Yellow = Nearly There
Red = Struggling
Gray = Skills not yet tested

In the above example, the entire bar represents 100% of skills assessed. Each color then represents the proportion of those skills that fit the above defined performance categories. 

Use these bars to quickly assess progress (how many skills or students have yet to be tested) and performance (how many skills or students are struggling, nearly there, or mastered).

PERFORMANCE refers to the percentage of skills mastered relative to the total number of skills tested 


10 students tested on 5 skills each = 50 TOTAL TESTED SKILLS

2 students master 2 skills = 4 total mastered skills
3 students master 3 skills = 12 total mastered skills
5 students master 4 skills = 20 total mastered skills

4 + 12 + 20 = 36 total mastered skills

PERFORMANCE = 36 mastered skills / 50 skills tested = 72%

MASTERY means 80% of the LAST 10 questions testing a topic or skill have been
answered correctly


Student answers 12 questions on a particular skill:

This student would be classified as "Nearly There" in mastering this skill since they've answered 7 out of the last 10 questions correctly (70%). Note that the first 2 questions are not factored into the calculation. We do this because we want to weigh more recent performance over past performance.

When you click on a course, you will drill down into the topics covered in that course.

In this topics view you have the following:

  • Average Mastery Performance of all students for each topic
  • Average Mastery Performance for each student across all topics
  • Average Mastery Performance of each student for each topic
  • Progress Indicator Bars for each student and each topic

Here you can pinpoint which topics the class needs to work on as a whole, and develop topic level individualized learning plans for each student based on their strengths and weaknesses. 

When you click on a topic, you will drill down into the skills covered in that topic.

In this skills view you have the following:

  • Average Mastery Performance of all students for each skill
  • Average Mastery Performance for each student across all skills
  • Average Mastery Performance of each student for each skill
  • Progress Indicator Bars for each student and each skill

Can we support your curriculum, standard or syllabus? 

Of course! We're always working to support more school curricula around the world.

Please contact us through live chat if you would like us to set up a new curriculum for you.

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