You may wonder what kind of classes you can create and how to differentiate between them when using the "Edit your classes and students" window in Zzish. This simple guide explains the differences.

Regular Class

A regular class is not locked and students can independently access the game using the class code and their name. Moreover, as students are not required to provide their email and password to access this class there is no option to add students in the edit mode.

See how students can add themselves without creating an account.

Classes with Passwords

If you want to protect your class data you can select for your students to use individual passwords. Select this option when you create a new class. 

Every student in your class will then have to create a personal Zzish account using an email and password. Teachers can also create accounts for their students and distribute the login details themselves. If your class is protected with passwords, it will appear with the @ icon.

Click to find out how to create accounts for your students

You also have the option to lock classes in order to stop others joining, or archive classes which are no longer utilized. Click here to find out how to manage your classes and students.

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