What ages/grades/years will this work with?

Quizalize is used by students of all ages, from elementary/primary school all the way up to college and university level. 

Which devices does Quizalize work on?

Quizalize works on any device with an internet connection and browser including tablets, smartphones, computers. 

Can you use this on a smartboard?

Yes, you can use it on any smartboard.

Do I have to register to create a quiz?

Yes. This enables you to find your quiz again once you have created it. Registering is very simple - you just need your email address and a password. Once you are logged in, you can create a quiz by clicking the “+ New Quiz” button on your profile page. 

How do I make my own quiz?

If you click on "Assign a new activity", you should see the "create a new Quiz" option.
For more information check out our help page here!

Where can I find the quizzes I’ve made?

If you select "Assign new activity", on the left hand you will find a "My resources" tab, which contains all your previous resources and quizzes!
For more information visit our help page here!

Do I have to create a quiz to assign it to a class?

You don’t have to create a quiz, you can access pre-made quizzes in the marketplace and either use them as they are or modify them to suit your needs.

How do I assign quizzes to students or classes?

Once you have completed a quiz, click on "Play" button and assign the quiz to one of your classes. Once you have entered your class name, start the game and you will be given a unique class code which your students can use to access the quiz on http://zzi.sh 

Can I set an assignment for a specific date?

Yes - you can choose the date and time by selecting "Homework" option. Click here to see how to set up homework.

Can I use images in a quiz?

Quizalize supports uploading your own images for each question. Just click on
"Use Images" and then "Upload a Picture". See Creating Basic Question Types for more information.

Does Quizalize support Math equations?

It does! Our Math Mode can be easily enabled when you create a quiz by selecting yes on the Math Mode button. For more on how to use Math Mode, click here.

What question types does Quizalize support?

Quizalize supports multiple choice questions, multiple choice with images, scrambled letters, and much more! To check out basic question types click here, or to see more complex question types click here.   

Can I randomize the order of the questions in my quiz?

Yes! This can be modified via game settings. Scroll down and click 'on' next to the randomize question order option.

How can I add a class?

Simply click "Play" then create a new class or use an existing class if you have one.

How can I preview a quiz?

Once you have your quiz ready, click on "Finish" and select the option to "Preview"

Can I change the length of time my students have to answer a question?

Yes, you can change the length of time via game settings.

Can I turn the timer off?

Yes, simply click on "Play" and adjust game settings by turning the timer button off. 

Is it possible to reorder questions?

Yes, you can reorder questions for students view by clicking on "Play". Then you can turn on the "Randomise question order" button via the game settings

Can I have a question go over multiple lines?

Yes, to enter a new line simply press CTRL and ENTER together. 

How do I assign a quiz as "homework" for a class?

Assign a quiz to your class and choose the "Homework" option on the time and date set up window. For the additional information, see how to assign a quiz for homework

Do the students need to log in to play a quiz?

Students don’t have to sign up to play a quiz but instead simply navigate to http://zzi.sh and enter their name and class code. To protect your students privacy, however, we encourage them to create individual accounts. Click here to see how you can create accounts for your students.  

What is a class code?

A class code is a randomly generated identifier created when you first allocate a quiz to a class. The same class will have the same class code. Students using the class code will be able to access every single quiz you have assigned to that class.

Where can I find the quizzes I’ve assigned to my students?

Quizzes you have assigned are found under the “Your Classes and Analysis” tab in the top right corner of the page. This page will list all the quizzes assigned to the class. 

Do I need to add students individually to my classes?

Students don’t have to sign up to play a quiz. All they have to do is navigate to http://zzi.sh and enter their name and class code. Additionally, your students can use the following login options:

  • Regular Zzish login (email and password)
  • Google Classroom login
  • Microsoft or Office 365 login

How do you make student accounts?

If you want to create accounts for your students, access your classes via "My Classes and Analysis" and select the option to "Edit your classes and students". Click here to see how you can create accounts for your students.   

Where can I find my class codes again?

On you Quizalize account, select "My Classes and Analysis" and select a class to find the class code. 

If my students are not showing up on the live game board, what could be wrong?

Check how many active assignments do you have and make sure that all students are taking the same quiz.

Zzish Teacher Dashboards

What are Zzish Dashboards?

Zzish Teacher Dashboards are synced to your Quizalize account and provide real-time data into your class learning gaps. During and after each game played in your class, you can instantly see your class results in the dashboards. Click here to learn more. 

Where can I find my class results?

You can access the teacher dashboards for each class by clicking "My Classes and Analysis" tab at the top of the Quizalize page. Then, select the class whose results you want to see and click on the "Result" tab next to the activity. 

How can I access individual student reports?

You can access your students unique results by selecting the class they are in and clicking "Result" for the specific activity you want to see. You can then locate the student in the "Who needs to help" dashboard.

Quizalize Marketplace

How can I publish my quiz to the marketplace?

View your quizzes in your Quizalize profile and select "More" option and then "Make public" to make your quizzes accessible to everyone in the marketplace. 

Can I edit a quiz from the marketplace?

Yes, you simply select the quiz and start by editing questions. If you do any changes to the quiz that will automatically save the quiz to your profile. 

How can I add a quiz from the marketplace to my profile? 

If you want to add a quiz from the marketplace to your profile click on the quiz and select "Give it to my class". This quiz should now appear in "My Quizzes" list.

Couldn't find the answer? Check additional FAQs or contact us via live support channel. 

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